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Ways to Save Heating This Season

During the heating season will sometimes bring higher heating bills, as home owners run their heaters more often monthly costs rise as a result. During this time we usually see an increase in heating breakdowns and heating repair service calls during this time. Homeowners look for ways to help cut heating costs, and reduce the risk of more extensive repairs. Here are a few ways you can save this heating season.


  • Get your heater maintained. Heaters collect dust and dirt over time, especially during the summer when they don’t get much use. In addition, they may develop problems that aren’t readily noticeable, but which can turn around and bite at the worse possible time. A maintenance session can address all of that: cleaning off the dust, tightening loose bolts or fittings and spotting any potential issues for larger repairs. All of that improves your heater’s efficiency, which cuts down on bills.

  • Seal Leaks in your home. If you have a crack under your front door, a window pane that leaks air or an uninsulated portion of the attic, they could be costing you warm air. Seal any leaks with weather stripping and see if you can add more insulation to your house.

  • Look into zone controls. A zone control system for your heater lets you tailor the temperature in individual portions of your home. You can thus turn off the heat in areas you aren’t using, while leaving it on in those rooms you’re occupying at the moment.

Home Heating Repair Services in Washington don’t get any more reliable than Black Hills, Inc. Heating & Air. We can perform maintenance and repair on your existing heater, as well as offer free estimates for a new heater. Call us today to set up an appointment.
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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Repair Your Heater


In Washington, heating repair usually comes along in the middle of winter, when temperatures are cold and you need a reliable heater to keep you home warm and comfortable. In many cases, a faulty or malfunctioning component won’t actually prevent the heater from functioning, which may tempt you to hold off on repairs for a while. This can be a BIG mistake. Here’s why you shouldn’t hold off on heater repairs.

Higher costs. A problem that isn’t treated properly won’t get better on its own. In fact, it’s only apt to get worse: adding strain to the system as a whole and increasing the chances of an issue developing with another part of the heater. Suddenly, a job that once look fairly mild is now going to cost you a great deal more money, money which could have been saved by call a repair service early on.

Shorter lifespan. The wear and tear created by a lack of timely service can damage your heater’s internal components more than they need to be. In addition to creating more frequent repair sessions, it can shorten the life of y our heater, forcing you to consider the installation of a new Heating System months or even years before you might do so otherwise.

Inconvenience. A problematic heater may continue to function, but without treating the issue, you’re waiting until the last second before it completely breaks down (possibly right at the moment when you need it the most). Scheduling a prompt repair lets you deal with the problem on a time that is convenient to you, instead of having to scramble in the middle of a winter storm.

If you know why you shouldn’t wait to repair your heater, the next step is to contact a qualified Washington heating repair Service Company to do the job right, like Black Hills, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning. Our trained service technicians know how to do the job right the first time.
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Tips on saving money during the winter months

It’s hard to believe that winter will soon be heading to our area, although it seems that the cold snap as already arrived with chilly nights and mornings. Which means most people will be spending more time indoors and using more electricity. This means an increase in your home’s energy costs and strain on your monthly budget inroder to keep you and your family comfortable. However, there are steps you can take as a homeowner to save money on your Heating Bills this winter.


Tip #1 – Preventive Maintenance

The easiest way to keep the costs of heating and cooling your home throughout the entire year, not just the winter, is to have your system services twice a year. Preventive Maintenance will keep your heater and air conditioner running at its optimal best, which means it will use less energy.


Having your system serviced twice a year will ensure that your heater and air conditioner is ready when you need it. This will also reduce the possibility of system breakdowns that can be costly, because minor problems can be identified during the maintenance service and resolved before they turn into bigger problems. In the long run, you will save money because heaters and air conditioners that are regularly maintenance have a longer useful life span.


Tip #2 – Programmable Thermostats

Having a programmable thermostat installed in your home and make sure you’re taking advantage of its programming features; otherwise, you may be missing out on energy savings. Just my setting your thermostat to reduce the heat in your home by 10 degrees while everyone is sleeping, or when no one is at home, you start to see a reduction in your home heating costs.


Make sure that your thermostat is installed in a good location where it is not exposed to drafts or direct sunlight. This could in fact raise both your heating and cooling costs because the average temperature in your home will be misrepresented


Tip #3 – Insulate Your Home

Insulation and caulk are an inexpensive way to save heating dollars in your home. Today’s new homes are built airtight and are better insulated, but older homes may require some attention in these area. Make sure your crawl space, attic, and basement is insulated.


Be sure to seal any air leaks or cracks around windows or in wall corners with caulk to keep the warm air from escaping outdoors. Have your exposed ductwork sealed to prevent heat loss from your heater to your air vents.


Tip #4 – Layer Up

You can easily lessen the amount of heat need to keep you warm in your home by putting more clothes on. Put on a sweater or sweatshirt if you feel chilly instead of running to turn the heat up. Wearing layers of clothing also helps retain your body’s heat.


Don’t forget your feet! If your feet are cold, then your entire body is going to feel cold also. Put on some socks. Remember that for every degree you can lower your thermostat, you are reducing your energy use by almost 3 percent.



If you've got any questions about your heating system, furnace, or staying warm in the winter contact Black Hills Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning! +1 (866) 885-7885
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Does Your Heater Need to be Replaced?

If you’re asking yourself if it’s time to install a new home heating system, now is the best time to act. With winter slowing creeping upon us, you’ll need an efficient and dependable heater working in your home to keep you and your family safe and warm until spring. If you’re concerned about whether your heater can make it through the winter without experiencing a breakdown, it’s possible that a new heater is the best option. This is a difficult decision to make, since it involves time and expense. You’ll have fewer headaches if you turn to an HVAC company with year of experience.

The reason you need to have experts helping from the start, and not just during the install, is that there are many choices of heating system available can become overwhelming. You want to make a correct choice for installation so you have many worry-free years of warmth. Our Washington Heating Specialists at Black Hills, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning can help guide you through the process of purchasing a new home heating system, and help you design the right heating system for you.

These are a few signs to tell if a heater needs to be replaced.

Noisy Operation: HVAC manufactures design heaters to run with as little noise as possible. If we hear a furnace making constant grinding noises, it’s a clue that the system is too old to operate properly. There are some possibilities where the heater may only need to be repairs. But the more consistent and noisy the heater, the more like it needs replacement.

Increased Power Bills: We often find that customers who are concerned about their heater’s future have experienced an increase in their power bills that they didn’t expect: a price hike above the normal one from the shift to winter. Make sure you pay attention to your monthly bills, because a constant increase is a strong warning of a heater approaching the end of its service life.

Numerous repairs: If you’ve had a HVAC company perform repairs multiple times over a space of a few years, we suspect that the heaters is very worn down. At a point, you’ll need to weigh the cost of future repairs against the cost of replacement.

If you have concerns about home heating whether it’s repair, replacement, or maintenance, Contact Black Hills, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning today. We can install all major makes and models of furnaces and heat pumps. We can help you locate the system that will provide your home with the best warmth this winter. Schedule an Appointment with one of our Comfort Advisors today. 

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