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3 Reasons to Be Thankful For Your HVAC System This Season

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the word thankful is on everyone’s minds. We’re all thankful for something -- most of us, for many things.

It may not cross your mind to be thankful for your HVAC system, but as a homeowner, you should be. All year long, your HVAC system is working behind the scenes to keep your home running efficiently and you and your family comfortable.

1. HVAC systems heat and cool the home.

This may seem obvious, but it’s something most of us take for granted. Without an HVAC system, your home would be the same temperature as the outside world. If you live in the north, that means during the winter it would be just as cold inside as it is outside (frozen toothpaste, anyone?). If you live in the south, it would be sweltering during the summer months.

We all owe our HVAC systems a big thank you for keeping us warm during the winter and cool during the summer.


2. HVAC systems continually pump clean, fresh air.

The air filters used by your HVAC system filter out pollutants like dust, dirt, pollen, mold, and other allergens. It then pumps fresh air throughout your home, keeping it comfortable, and you and your family healthy.

Because they filter out pollutants, HVAC systems help you avoid respiratory issues. And for people who have existing conditions like asthma, they make the home a more comfortable living environment that’s easier to breathe in.

In addition, HVAC systems that come equipped with a carbon monoxide detector warn you if there is a build-up of dangerous gases, keeping you and your family safe.

3. HVAC systems that are cost efficient.

It costs a lot to own and maintain a home, and an HVAC system that runs smoothly and is cost efficient is definitely something to be thankful for. Aside from maintenance check-ups and air filters, as well as replacing the odd part here and there, your system really isn’t too expensive to have once you think about all the things it provides to your home!

Plus, many HVAC systems are green. Look for the Energy Star rating -- that means your system is energy efficient, which is good for both your wallet and the environment.

While you’re counting your blessings this Thanksgiving, be sure to count your HVAC system, too. It works hard all year to keep you and your family comfortable and breathing easily. While you might not notice it on a regular basis, you would notice its absence right away.


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Fall NewsLetter

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What Are the Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning?


Ductless Air Conditioning offers a solution for homes in which there is no ductwork. Sometimes, ductwork installation is difficult due to the layout of a home; for example, many older homes cannot support the ductwork required for a modern central air conditioning system . Rather than go through the hassle of trying to modify their entire home, many homeowners choose ductless air conditioning systems, which are energy-efficient as well.


Much like central air conditioning Ductless Mini Splits are divided into two main components: the outdoor compressor unit and the indoor evaporator units. But with ductless systems, a technician can install multiple indoor air handlers  throughout the home. A fan in the indoor unit sucks in warm air and blow it over the evaporator coil. Refrigerant absorbs the heat, which then moves to the outdoor unit as the blower moves cooled air into your home and the heat is released outdoors.


The outdoor condenser unit is generally more compact than central ac units, but the indoor air blowers may seem more intrusive than the vents of more ducted systems. However, these are usually installed out of the way, mounted high on a wall. Besides, the benefits of ductless air conditioning may outweigh the stress of installing a duct system:

Increased Comfort: With ductless air conditioning, you can control the temperature in each individual zone of the home. One outdoor unit can usually accommodate up to four indoor units, and homeowners can control each air handler with a master thermostat or separate thermostats installed in each zone. This can keep your family members happy since they can choose the temperature of any given room according to their inclinations.


Lower Energy Bills: The ability to control each zone can also save you money every month. If there is a room or area that is unoccupied in the afternoon, for example, you can turn off the AC in that room and leave it running elsewhere in the home, lowering your energy consumption.


Call Black Hills Heating & Air to talk to a specialist about installing a ductless air conditioning system.
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Options to Consider When Replacing Your Air Conditioner


Unfortunately, your Air Conditioning System may not last forever. Even with regular maintenance, our AC will eventually become less efficient that it was the day it was installed. If you’ve had to make frequent air conditioning repair services recently, you may be time for a new system. Today, there are many affordable and energy-efficient options available.


Choosing a new AC System doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re looking for an air conditioning replacement in Washington, here are some options you should consider.

Whole-System Replacement

If only one part of your system is failing, you may think that replacing only that component will fix the problem. However, you should consider replacing both the outdoor and indoor components of an older system, even if only one component fails. System components have advanced recently in design, performance, and efficiency, so your system will likely have a longer lifespan with fewer repair issues if you replace both the indoor and outdoor units.

Types of Systems

One of the first thinks you should discuss with a technician when replacing your AC is the type of system you want. Central air conditioning, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits are all options you can discuss when considering air conditioning replacement.

Efficiency Ratings

Air Conditioning Systems are much more energy-efficient than they once were. If you have had your current AC System for several years, it may be using far more energy than those that are available today.

Zone Control

One upgrade you may be unaware of for your new system is zone control. Along with your new central AC System, a technician can install dampers in the ductwork along with separate thermostats so you can adjust the temperature separately in each room of your home.


No matter what options you choose, replacing your Air Conditioning System is the best decision you can make for increased performance and efficiency. Call Black Hills, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning for all your Air Conditioner Service or Replacement needs.
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"My wife and I can't overstate how good it feels to have a contractor guarantee and deliver above and beyond what they guarantee! The folks are the most professional and caring contractors I've ever worked with! from the apprentice to the Master electricians, plumbers, and HVAC personnel! Thank you and yes I would do it all over again. Thanks Again!!!!"

– Russell C.

"The technician who serviced our furnace was very friendly and professional. He made a point of showing me before and after cleaning our furnace and gave specific test results when recommending that our capacitor be replaced. I highly recommend this company!"

– David B.

"If I need work on my heat pump, etc. I would certainly continue to deal with Black Hills, right down to how they answer their phone!"

– Vicki T.

"Excellent service provided. Staff is verry professional and friendly."

– Afzal S.

"My husband, Terry, and I would like to personally thank you for the excellent service we received from our first phone call to Black Hills, reminder calls, services, and follow-up! Your staff was very professional and informative. Following with a hand-written thank you for joining the Black Hills family was brilliant and so appreciated. Sadly, so many companies have lost this personal touch. From a marketing background, treating customers as if they are your first customers is time consuming, and often tiring, but it is what develops loyalty. Thank you and your team"

– Trish and Terry Lavery

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