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6 Signs Your Air-Conditioning System Is in Need of Service

Reduce the Likelihood of a Breakdown with Your Annual A/C Tune-Up

Spring is here and it won’t be long before you’ll be firing up your air conditioner to keep you cool. In fact, springtime is the best time to evaluate if your air conditioner is acting a bit “off.” On a warm spring day, instead of opening your windows, turn your air conditioner on. Think of it as a test run for summer. See how well it performs. Here are some common problems you may encounter if your air conditioner is acting peculiar.

  • No Cool Air: At some point, you may find that your air-conditioning system simply isn’t doing its job. Even at full blast, the air coming from your vents just isn’t as cold as it used to be—or isn’t cold at all. A lack of cool air could mean that your system’s compressor has failed. It could also mean that your system’s Freon levels are too low.

  • Poor Airflow: If you are noticing weak or little airflow through your AC vents, the unit’s compressor may be failing. If some rooms are getting cool and others are not, the trouble might be with your duct work. Also, overtime, debris can get stuck in your air-conditioning vents. Not only does this obstruct airflow, it also presents a health risk to you and your family. Having your air-conditioner ducts cleaned is a great way to restore airflow and help ensure that your AC system is working well when you need it most.

  • Thermostat Problems: At times the trouble is not with the air-conditioning unit, but with the thermostat itself. One way to tell if your thermostat is a problem is if one part of your house is very cold while another part remains at the same temperature.

  • Moisture Where It Shouldn’t Be: Moisture or leakage around or near your system can be an indication of problems. When you see leaks from your air-conditioning system, it can mainly be due to two reasons. In the most serious case, the leak could be refrigerant. Water pools adjacent to your air conditioner might show that the drain tube, which disposes of air conditioner condensation, is either blocked or broken.

  • Strange Sounds: Squealing, grating, grinding sounds from your air conditioner should never be heard. These noises imply that something is wrong inside the unit. A squealing noise means that the belt has slipped out of place. It may also indicate that a metal component in your air conditioner requires more lubrication. A grinding sound may mean that your motor’s bearings are broken.

  • Strange Odors: Pungent or foul smells from your air-conditioning vents normally means that your conditioner’s wire insulation has burned out. Musty smells generally indicates that there is mold inside your unit or ductwork.

In order to keep away these issues, it is important to habitually maintain your air-conditioning system. It is a costly appliance and must be cared for to add to its lifespan and lessen the need for pricey repairs. By having regular maintenance performed, you also keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid. If you don’t, most manufacturers won’t honor a breakdown—even if created by their design flaw.

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